Yvonne Jegede blasts podcaster Nedu, calls him small-minded

In an Instagram post on June 13, 2024, Jegede uploaded Nedu’s picture and called him out, tagging him as narcissistic and toxic.

She wrote, “I woke up to see Nedu’s post reacting to my appearance on the podcast, particularly my apology to May Edochie and women in general. I understand Nedu’s difficulty in comprehending my apology. Narcissistic and toxic men like him cannot grasp the importance of apologising when others feel hurt by your actions, regardless of whether you believe you are right or wrong.”

In her lengthy post, Jegede didn’t mince words, accusing Nedu of revelling in promoting negative narratives against women. She went further and accused him of disliking women and their success.

“Small-minded people like you rejoice when women attack each other or are trampled upon. Check the history of your podcast; it is filled with content targeting women’s self-esteem. Perhaps the rumour about you is true—you don’t like women! Nedu, there’s nothing wrong with women winning and shining; it doesn’t diminish you or any other man.”

The actress didn’t stop there. She called out Nedu for what she perceived as his failure to support her work, claiming that he neglected to promote her movie A Father’s Love during her appearance on the podcast.

“You are so evil that you didn’t even promote A Father’s Love, the movie I came to discuss on your show. Instead, you were all over my WhatsApp, telling me how much you like me, and now you join the mob and chase clout with your petty posts. I was raised to apologise if I was wrong and to those who felt hurt by my actions,” Jegede continued.

She also said, “If I didn’t own what I said with conviction, I wouldn’t come out to apologise when it was pointed out that some women and May felt offended. My apology was directed at those who clearly expressed their hurt. Take all the money you want from Facebook and YouTube, but posterity always judges those who stand against women and profit at the expense of others. A small-minded man like you will never understand the need for an apology, even when he is wrong.”

This dispute emerged after Jegede appeared on the podcast and afterwards issued a public apology to fellow actress May Edochie and women in general for her previous statements.

The actress had stated that she saw no issue in actor Yul Edochie taking Judy Austin as a second wife to May. She stressed that the backlash the actor had received from the public was ironic because she felt many of his critics came from polygamous homes themselves.

However, in her apology, she stated that she had not meant to trivialise May’s troubles, but was only trying to highlight the prominence of polygamy in Nigerian cultures. She also promptly apologised for her words during the show.

In response, Nedu then voiced his opinion on social media, saying, “If you talk, use your chest to stand by your words. Still Number 1.”

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