You defended election riggers – Wike tackles Ozekhome, Sani on democracy

The event, held at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja on Thursday, June 27, 2024, was graced by pro-democracy activists including former Senator Shehu Sani.

During a panel discussion, Ozekhome reflected on the significance of the 25-year milestone since the country returned to democracy in 1999.

Ho spoke about Nigeria’s democratic journey, highlighting challenges and suggesting solutions.

He called for genuine democracy, effective governance, economic reform, youth engagement and social justice to ensure the country’s progress and unity.

The SAN also emphasised the need for youth involvement in governance, citing historical examples of young leaders in the country and other countries, among other pungent points.

For his part, Sani reflected on the challenges faced by activists and leaders in the struggle for democracy and underscored the sacrifices and injustices endured during those tumultuous times.

He highlighted the importance of perseverance and collaboration in striving for democratic ideals.

Displeased by Ozekhome’s remarks about Nigeria’s democratic journey, Wike grabbed the microphone to issue a rebuttal.

“The lecturer, my friend, Prof Ozekhome has raised some points but it will be wrong sitting here without correcting some impressions. First of all, we’re talking about democracy 25 years. We know we have challenges. I expected the lecturer to say ‘yes, we’ve made some progress.’ In all his lecture, not one progress was made, criticism, criticism, criticism! Are you telling me that for 25 years, we’ve not made one progress?

“Then we can say, yes, we’ve made this progress but there are still room for us to move forward just like Shehu Sani, how…… that’s a progress. You people should not give the impression that we’ve not made they were locked up. How they were detained. And he said under this democracy, …… any progress. You have said here about infrastructure in the FCT, who is the FCT minister working under? Mr President. Which means he has the capacity to choose those who can help him to move the country forward. It’s progress.

“Mr President knows that there is a problem. And that’s why he said Renewed Hope Agenda. Why did he say Renewed Hope Agenda? He knows that Nigerians have lost hope but that we must work hard to bring back that hope to Nigeria.

“So it’s not as if Mr President don’t sit down, let people not deceive you that Nigerians are suffering. Who doesn’t know that Nigerians are suffering? That is no longer a story. And we distinguish between theory and real practice.

“We like to come to the public and begin to says what Nigerians like. They like to clap hands. Mr President has been making a lot of efforts and you know where we’re coming from, we don’t expect, within a short time, a government that was down, everything was broken, and then you expected within a short time everything will be corrected. That’s not correct.

“Thank you for saying that we’ve turned Abuja around, which means if Abuja can be well, other things will be well. Yes. So I felt I should say to my brother friend, that the mere fact that you people are activist don’t mean that you will do well. No. Activist have always failed. Activist have failed. We’re seen activists that were given appointments and yet they failed,” he said.

“When you were in Senate, how did we perform? What was our performance as senators?” he asked Sani.

Turning to Ozekhome, Wike said, “And you’ve said about rigging elections, as an activist, how many times have you rejected briefs? Those who have rigged election, you’ve also defended them. It’s not about everytime we come here postulate and postulate.”

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