Wedding days are for somber reflection, not celebration – Actor Akah Nnani

The actor said this during his guest appearance on the latest episode of the Toke Moments podcast, emphasising the need for couples to approach their wedding day with solemn reflection.

He explained, “One day, when I was talking to my wife it clocked that all the people who are doing ‘God when’ throw the biggest parties on their wedding day and dance. But actually, a wedding day is supposed to be a somber day, If we know what we’re doing and what we’re getting into it’s meant to be a day of somberness.”

Nnani urged for a re-evaluation of expectations and beliefs among couples, emphasising that marriages are deeper than the surface level. He explained that the families concerned can celebrate but couples ought to reflect on the day.

“The families can rejoice because the family is gaining a daughter and the other family is gaining a son. They can rejoice but you see the people entering it are supposed to be somber because you are saying, ‘I am giving my independence away to live my life the way I want to.’ I am walking into a lifetime of service and love to this person,” he said.

Nnani added, “It’s a somber day of reflection like ‘Wow I’m giving away my independence.’ If you know what you’re doing, you’re not actually meant to be gyrating on your wedding day. People are entering with the wrong expectations and belief systems.”

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