Victony Reveals He Tried Acting Before Music

Victony Reveals He Tried Acting Before Music

Nigerian artiste, Victony, has shared with fans that he tried other professions before choosing to pursue a music career. The artiste, who recently released his debut album “Stubborn“, revealed in an interview with Apple Music that he tried acting and was also in a dance group. While he might not be making a name for himself in Nollywood, he disclosed that he incorporates acting in his music videos and other promotional content.

He said, “Even outside music, I just love to try out different things. At some point, I was in a dance group. At some point, I tried acting. Even with some of the teasers I put out, I do acting here and there. So I try to incorporate that in my music as well.”

In the interview, Victony also disclosed that all his experiences inspired his latest project. He talked about his featured guests and expressed his desire to incorporate different genres in his music.


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