UEFA decides on Manchester City and Manchester United

UEFA have confirmed that both Manchester City and Manchester United will be able to face Girona and Nice respectively in Europe next season after multi-club ownership conditions were met by the body.

There were initial reports that both Manchester City and Manchester United would have to pick whether they or their sister clubs would be allowed to play after qualifying for Europe next season (2024/25).

UEFA confirmed the information in a statement released on Friday, July 5, 2024. According to the body, the major changes in the ownership arrangements at Girona and Nice meant they could now face the Manchester clubs in the Champions League and Europa League.

It was confirmed Girona and Manchester City are part of the City Football Group while Ineos which has been in control of football operations at United since earlier this year is the majority owner of Nice. City and United have agreed not to transfer players between them, permanently or on loan, or directly or indirectly, between now ( July 2024) and September 2025.

However, the only exception will be deals agreed upon before UEFA’s Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) opens proceedings against the clubs. The clubs also agreed not to conclude any cooperation, joint technical or commercial agreements between them or use any joint scouting or player database.

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