Top 5 cleanest cities in Africa

When it comes to cleanliness, these cities take the lead.

Rwanda takes environmental protection seriously. Their national park, Nyungwe Forest, emphasises the importance of cleanliness to preserve the delicate ecosystem. As a strong indicator of their commitment, Kigali, the capital city, banned plastic bags in 2008, with hefty fines and potential jail time for offenders.

Cape Town shines as a beacon of cleanliness in South Africa, securing the second-place spot. Nicknamed “Mother City,” Cape Town takes pride in its immaculate streets and environmental initiatives. Sources like Further Africa and Know Africa acknowledge its well-deserved ranking.

Tunisia enters the top three with its capital city, Tunis. Know Africa highlights the city council’s dedication to maintaining cleanliness. Their innovative wastewater disposal system, utilising underground and seabed pipelines, ensures environmentally safe waste management.

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, boasts a place among Africa’s cleanest cities. The Municipal City Council plays a crucial role in keeping the city spotless. Government funding and the abundance of tropical plants further contribute to Port Louis’s pristine beauty.

Johannesburg, also known as the “City of Gold,” is the second South African entry on this list. Both Further Africa and Know Africa acknowledge Johannesburg’s commitment to cleanliness. This effort is spearheaded by the Mayor of Johannesburg.

It’s really no surprise that no Nigerian cities make the list because a lot needs to be done in terms of waste management and cleanliness in many Nigerian cities.

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