TLC Lyrics by Ice Prince

Ice Prince Lyrics

Ice Prince‘s newly released album, Fire And Ice, features TLC as the fourth track, delve into the song’s lyrics below and sing along.

Cover art for Fire And Ice Album by Ice Prince
Fire And Ice Album Cover Art

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Ice Prince – TLC Lyrics

Verse 1: Ice Prince
These days, I’ve been smoking more trees
These days, I’ve been watching TV
These days, I’ve been living lowkey
Smoke lonely
Tell me where you go with my Mercedes
Link up another nigga maybe
Got a dog barking like rabbies (woof, woof)
How can I relate this?
And I know that you on my side
Every morning and day and night
On a high speed, we no see no red light
Champagne for you on a dead night
Man ah lowkey on dnd
But the gyal dem ah locate and dm me
Me no get time, no get no gmt
Me no likе hotel, book Airbnb
Wanna cruise in your city inna gle
Girl, I lovе you and I mean that sincerely
Imma be there when you need me for tlc
Be your number company, your PLC

Pareke para
Pareke para
Pareke para
Pareke para
Pareke para
Pareke para
Pareke para
Pareke para

Verse 2
She say, “I’m the baddest star boy and EME”
Everytime wey she need me, imma be early
Only fine girl wey like my big belly
Wanna take you to a mall and pick each LV
Girl I love you and I mean that sincerely
Wanna be there by your side till the END
Rotate, whine ya waist gyal no TMZ
Spend money on you like say I be TMT

Woh-woh, yeah (pareke para)
Woh, nuh-nuhhh (pareke para)
Woh-woh-woh-woh, yeah (pareke para)
Woh-woh, woh (pareke para)
Woh-woh, yeah (pareke para)
Oh, nuhh-nuhh (pareke para)
Uwohh-wohhh (pareke para)

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