Tems – “Special Baby (Interlude)” Lyrics

Tems - Born in the Wild Album
Tems – Born in the Wild Album

“Special Baby (Interlude)” Lyrics by Tems

But tell her that she cannot be doubtful now, that,
Are you sure I’m not supposed to be going this route? No
So they were holding you up like, Temi, keep walking, Temi, keep walking
No, no, you have to
So even when you stumbled, they pick you up again
They didn’t allow you to actually fall down for any reason (Hmm)
So, my dear, you can see now,
While you’re stumbling a bit and you’re, like, having some little doubt
And you keep on asking, “Why, Temi? Why, Tems?Don’t they have another person again?”
And they themselves don’t know why
They can’t understand it s?h
So to them, it’s like
I just don’t get it, so why h?r?
She doesn’t even have a full album, and so, and so
And she only came out how many years ago?
Is that the criteria?
So they are—, some of them are just perplexed
Some of them are angry
Some of them are, like, odd, wow

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