Soundz and Ema Onigah team up for the uplifting ‘Go Harder’

Nigerian singer and songwriter Soundz is on a mission, not only for chart-topping success but for self-discovery and inspiring others along the way. His journey to the top has been paved with challenges, but Soundz refuses to be defined by them. This message of resilience, hope, and faith is the driving force behind his powerful new single, Go Harder, featuring the super-talented Ema Onigah.

Go Harder is a battle cry for anyone chasing their dreams. The track acknowledges the struggles inherent in the path to success. Soundz opens up about self-doubt, singing in Pidgin English, “I been they doubt my ability but I don get a sense.” Here, he confronts the negativity head-on, showcasing the spirit that fuels his ambition.

Go Harder is more than acknowledging the obstacles, it’s about overcoming them. Soundz brilliantly quips, “Many commas but you no go ever see my full stop.” This line perfectly captures the relentless pursuit of his goals, attesting to his strong determination.

The song’s brilliance lies not just in its message, but in its execution. Soundz’s vocals are captivating, drawing listeners in with their raw emotion. The melodies are infectious, creating a sonic landscape that perfectly complements the lyrics. The collaboration Ema Onigah elevates the track further. He effortlessly switches between singing and a pop-rap style, showcasing his own versatility. He even throws in a clever homage to Nigerian music history, interpolating a line from the classic collaboration, Human Being by M.I Abaga, 2Baba, and the late Sound Sultan.

Together, Soundz and Ema Onigah create a potent synergy on Go Harder. Their partnership highlights their ability to explore different sounds and themes, resulting in a track that resonates with a broad audience. The relatable lyrics make it an anthem for anyone searching for a reason to keep pushing forward.

With over 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, Soundz is definitely on the move to where he deserves to be. Having overcome numerous challenges, he’s become a beacon of hope, encouraging listeners to do the same. Go Harder serves as a powerful follow-up to his earlier release, At Your Service, which has already amassed over 1 million streams.

Go Harder further sets the tone for what promises to be a phenomenal year for Soundz, he definitely has more from where this came from.

Listen to Go Harder here.

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