ShineTTW’s New EP “The Chosen One” is a Journey Through Sound

Nigerian Afro-sentio singer ShineTTW has released his new EP, “The Chosen One.” This 8-track collection is a bold declaration of his artistic mastery, blending a rich ensemble of global sounds with his unique Afro-Sentio style. Following the hit single “Sakura,” the EP promises to draw in listeners with ShineTTW’s enchanting vocals and atmospheric production.

“The Chosen One” is a journey and a declaration of who I am as an artist. It’s about standing out and embracing my chosen path,” ShineTTW said. “Each track showcases my musical range and the emotions that define my music. It’s a celebration of experiencing life through sound.”

The “The Chosen One” EP is a must-listen for anyone seeking innovative and soothing artistry from one of Nigeria’s brightest rising stars.

Listen below:


Credit tooxclusive

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