Shatta Wale’s manager reacts to Nigerian videographer’s claims of unpaid arrears

According to him, Sire Choppenson approached him to be Shatta Wale’s videographer and was subsequently added to the artist’s team.

Sammy Flex also revealed that Sire Choppenson attempted to extort more money from him even after being paid for a video shoot upon their return to Accra.

He stated, “I gave him money to acquire equipment for the ‘Killa Ji Mi’ video shoot, which he did. After the shoot, he attempted to blackmail me for equipment funds that had already been paid to him.”

Sammy Flex further claimed that the videographer ceased communication with him and clandestinely approached Shatta Wale for additional payment.

“He stopped responding to me. He even threatened to withhold Shatta Wale’s videos unless we paid him more money for the equipment. I urged another team member to contact him, but he ignored calls and messages. Later, I discovered he had directly approached Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale called me and informed me of Choppenson’s grievances.”

Additionally, Sammy Flex disclosed that Sire Choppenson still holds some of Shatta Wale’s videos and attempted to deceive him when he approached him for their return.

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