Seyi Awolowo says he should not have acted out of emotion on ‘BBNaija’

The actor was recently interviewed by media personality Chude Jideonwo on the latest episode of the Just Chude podcast, and while there, he spoke about the backlash he received for his misogynistic statement in 2023.

He said, “I admit that it was messed up, and at that point in time, let’s put it this way: I had already lost the show even before that statement.”

“The house had already gotten to me, but that’s not an excuse. I was not sure how to react to the people in the house or if I was to give it back to them in their own language or just look for another way to survive,” he added.

Seyi clarified that alcohol did not cause his behaviour but acknowledged that it heightened his emotions. “What I said, in honesty, has been said by a lot of men, but the way I said it out of emotion made it worse,” he admitted. He likened his comments to “locker room chatter” or “beer parlour talk,” emphasizing that the emotions behind his statement were what he regretted.

He clarified, “The emotions behind what I said was what was wrong at that point in time. I’m not trying to defend it; that’s why I have apologised again and again. I’m really sorry about it. To everyone who took it wrong, that was not my intention; at the time I was venting, and I should not have said it from a place of emotion.”

Recall that in 2023, the actor faced backlash for saying, “I get shina account for my son, a miscellaneous account. I get that account for my son, my guy’s son… I will give them the keys to the guest house, and they will go run train on people’s daughters. I gave birth to a boy first and he will fuck your daughter. They go come meet me say, Daddy, I need the Benz. I’ll give them the Benz; I’ll give them the key to the guesthouse; they go go run train on people’s daughters. I’m giving birth to boys, and they go dey fuck people, daughter.”

See the full interview below:

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