Seun Kuti accuses Iyabo Ojo of politicising Mohbad’s death

After being called out by the actress on June 30, 2024, Kuti took to his Instagram livestream to express his views on the spat between the pair. While speaking, he accused the actress of using Mohbad’s death to push an agenda against singer Naira Marley.

He said, “I don’t do personal things because I can’t stand it…You people politicised Mohbad’s death. I don’t believe that you politicised his death because you were trying to find justice for him, I believe that it’s just a movement against Naira Marley at the end of the day. Nobody can tell me otherwise, or anything other than that.”

Seun Kuti also questioned the validity of government findings regarding Mohbad’s cause of death, citing conflicting reports.

“Do you accept the government’s findings? I still found a report that stated that his cause of death was substance abuse. If you believe the government’s findings, then what are we doing here?” he asked the actress.

He added, “Now, where is the ‘Justice for Mohbad’ movement? Where is that energy that you people used then? Because I feel that if you can use that energy against Naira Marley, you can use your influence to quench bad things in our society. But you people have an agenda!”

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