See BTS images of ‘Broken Portrait’ with Teni Aladese, Ngozi Nwosu and more

The film is co-produced by Nuel Eyo Entertainment and Totori Factory, both Lagos-based studios.

Broken Portrait follows the story of Ivie Idahosa (31) and Bassey Enobong (33), a newly engaged couple.

According to a statement shared with Pulse Nigeria, “Bassey wants to meet Ivie’s family. However, Ivie is apprehensive about him meeting her family. Bassey insists and Ivie eventually caves and agrees to visit her family despite her reservations. Ivie and Bassey go to her family’s place for the weekend. Things are off to a warm start until the arrival of Osaze who’s just come in from rehab. The tension between Ivie and Osaze escalates when it’s discovered that Osaze isn’t clean and has been bribing his way out of rehab. Ivie and her family have to band together to see that Osaze can stay clean in order to take a shot that may be the cure to his addiction.”

Broken Portrait is directed by Richmond Amechi, who is also an executive producer on the project. It is written by Eyo Emmanuel who is also an executive producer.

Broken Portrait is more than just a film; it’s a call for awareness and empathy,” Richmond Amechi said in the statement. “By telling this story, we hope to spark conversations about the ripple effects of drug addiction and inspire action to support affected families.”

The cast includes; Teni Aladese, Ngozi Nwosu, Taye Arimoro, Gbubemi Ejeye, Floyd Igbo and Eniola Jordan.

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