Study UK: Prepare to Study and Live in the UK

Study UK: Prepare to Study and Live in the UK

Be set up to prepared for university study in the UK by acclimating yourself with UK culture and advanced education.

Understand how to make the most of life and university study in the UK.

The notoriety of a UK university education attracts students from everywhere throughout the world. In any case, research shows that transition to UK study is not always easy. Many feel challenged by unfamiliar educational system, cultural differences, and working in an alternate dialect.

This course will give all of you the assistance you have to think about and flourish in the UK. You’ll get comfortable with concentrate in English and how advanced education courses are organized, picking up a reasonable comprehension of what’s in store. You’ll likewise create self-think about aptitudes, while experiencing life in the UK.

What topics will you cover?

  • Characteristic features of higher education in the UK: active engagement, critical thinking, evidence-based argument, independent study, academic integrity
  • Study modes: lectures, seminars, tutorials, student presentations, group assignments, their roles and functions
  • The language skills you need to achieve success (academic writing, reading, listening and note-taking, speaking)
  • Understanding assessment in higher education
  • Support services available to students; library, English language support, counselling etc.
  • Practical issues round living as a student in the UK: accommodation, making friends, what to bring, things you need to do on arrival

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Demonstrate an understanding of UK academic culture and the engagement expected of you
  • Explore the way teaching and learning is organised in UK higher education and its key terminology
  • Reflect on the language knowledge and academic skills you need to achieve success
  • Assess the resources that are available to you to support your learning
  • Reflect on the positive contribution you will make to UK academic life through the diversity of perspectives you bring
  • Develop the confidence you need to feel prepared for study in the UK

Who is the course for?

This course would be of immense benefit to international students who have been accepted to study at a UK university.

Who will you learn with?

onathan Smith
the Director of Technology-enhanced Learning in the language centre of a major UK university. I also teach on pre-sessional courses in English language and study skills.

Who developed the course?

The British Council is on the ground in six continents and over 100 countries connecting the best of UK culture with a global audience and providing high-quality English language courses.

What’s included?

British Council are offering everyone who joins this course a free digital upgrade, so that you can experience the full benefits of studying online for free. This means that you get:

  • Unlimited access to this course
  • Includes any articles, videos, peer reviews and quizzes
  • A PDF Certificate of Achievement to prove your success when you’re eligible

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