Ruger reveals why he squashed his beef with BNXN

Ruger and BNXN (formerly Buju) have a very highly publicised beef that went for nearly 3 years before it was eventually squashed. According to Ruger, the issue with BNXN was fuelled by fan comparison which he thinks is not always negative but sadly led to a beef between them.

“Comparison is a killer of joy, but it’s necessary for the game. This is what is entertaining these people. The arguments and all that,” Ruger told Beat FM.

“We looked beyond that (the comparisons) and asked ‘How can we push good music together?’ Because there’s a lot of distractions now in the music space. Some people are releasing things that are not good, but they are using money to push it and it’s flying…If you look at the ‘RnB’ project, it’s very good music,” Ruger said on squashing his beef with BNXN and collaborating on the joint EP ‘RnB’.

Ruger recently released two new singles ‘Luv Again’ and ‘Make Way’. According to the multi-talented Nigerian dancehall sensation, ‘Luv Again’ is him saying he has loved again but he can switch anytime.

On his relationship life, Ruger shares that he finds it very easy to fall in love although he’s not in one right now because of the summer where he is billed to go on a European tour.

You can watch Ruger’s full interview with Beat FM 99.9 below.

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