Rudeboy advises men to marry rich women to change financial expectations

Rudeboy, who took to his social media platforms to give such advice to men, decried the alarming rate at which some women were demanding financial stability from men before getting into a relationship or marriage with them.

According to him, every man should struggle to make money, and thereafter marry rich women to change the narrative because financial stability is not for one gender.

“The rate at which they keep saying men must be this financially, money bla bla bla before getting married or into a relationship is alarming.

“Dear kings, change the narrative, chase money, make money and look for a rich girl. Make everybody go hustle,” Rudeboy wrote.

The 42-year-old divorced father of three recently tied the knot with Ivy Ifeoma Iboko, 23, in a traditional ceremony in her hometown of Igbere, Abia State.

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