Rodri gets ruled out of clash against Albania

Spain’s and Manchester City’s midfielder, Rodri has been suspended from the country’s final group game of the Euro 2024, against Albania.

Rodri picked his second yellow card of the Euro 2024 after he broke UEFA’s new rule heading into the competition. He was cautioned for walking up to the referee when a decision did not go Spain’s way, the right which has been given exclusively to the team’s captain.

The 27-year-old received a yellow card during Spain’s 3-0 win over Croatia by bringing down Bruno Petkovic, who seemed to be on the verge of scoring

This second yellow card means the Manchester City midfielder will be made available for the game against Albania. However, this is a blessing for Spain because Rodri will be fully fit for the Round of 16 clash.

What does the UEFA rule say?

“The official in the middle takes between 200 to 250 decisions per match that is one every 22 seconds in difficult and sometimes controversial situations, under huge pressure, with each of them scrutinised and re-watched from multiple different angles by fans and pundits alike. Explaining a decision with up to 22 players mobbing you is impossible for a referee. It can lead to a breakdown in communication, with the beautiful game turning very ugly very quickly. Importantly, we want only the captain from the team who wishes to discuss a decision to be able to approach the referee.”

Rodri has been a key part of Spain’s success so far in this competition, his 100 percent passing success (58 out of 58) in the opposition half was the most in a Euros game since 1980. He is also yet to lose a game for Spain in 450 days.

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