Rema spites critics with new single ‘HEHEHE’

Fresh off the success of the collaborative banger, BENIN BOYS with Shallipopi, Rema returns with another single, HEHEHE, and it’s quite infectious. This isn’t just another regular tune, it’s a fierce declaration of dominance and a clapback at his critics.

HEHEHE is a collaboration between the artist and his own creative vision. Alongside gifted producers like Producer X, Cubeatz, Deats, and Klimperboy, Rema steps behind the board, showcasing his multifaceted talent. This co-production credit highlights his growing artistic maturity and his desire to control his sonic palette.

Right from the opening line, “Money morning talking ’bout me while I’m making money, hehehehehe,” Rema sets the tone for the track, HEHEHE. It’s a confident and yet playful response to his detractors. The infectious laughter throughout the song serves as a constant reminder that their negativity fuels his success.

With lyrics like “No more big 3, there’s now a big 4,” Rema throws down the gauntlet, asserting his place among the top Afrobeats artists in the world. The statement is quite true, it’ll spark conversation in the music scene.

Rema doesn’t shy away from flaunting his success. Lines like “Account balance don dey resemble dem politician” playfully mock his haters, implying that his bank account rivals the wealth of corrupt politicians. It’s a braggadocious statement, but delivered with such a playful swagger that it becomes extremely catchy.

One of Rema’s defining strengths is his ability to experiment. HEHEHE is a prime example – a fresh and innovative sound, unlike anything we’ve heard before. The constant evolution keeps his music exciting and ensures his place at the forefront of the Afrobeats scene.

With BENIN BOYS and HEHEHE out now, fans are definitely anticipating Rema’s next move. The release of these two tracks hints at a larger project in the works. Whether it’s an EP or a full-length album, one thing’s for sure, a new Rema of work is one the way.

Listen to HEHEHE here.

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