Rapper Falz reveals that he hasn’t been in a relationship since 2008

Falz revealed this on the latest episode of the Morning Rush Show, hosted by Bibi Rai, when she asked him the last time he had a relationship.

“Let’s not get into this; it’s going to be a dangerous answer,” he began in between laughter.

He added, “My last relationship was in 2008; I was 18 years old precisely. It’s not like I’m running away; it’s just been like a rollercoaster, a couple of different things for a couple of different reasons. It keeps changing, and I just haven’t felt ready.”

“Do you feel like you’re going to be ready anytime soon? As you’re blossoming into Mr Gold?” Bibi Rai probed further.

“You never know; maybe the gold era is the era,” Falz responded.

“What attracts you to a young lady the most?” she asked

Falz emphasised that his interest in women has now gone beyond physical appearances, which he used to focus on before. He stressed that he is now attracted to a woman’s “aura.”

He explained, “The aura, the energy, the swag. When I say the aura, I don’t mean that loosely; I’m coming from a realm where I thought I liked light-skin babes or babes with big breasts and other fickle things. I’m in a realm where it’s not about that, now it’s about the kind of energy you ooze.”

The rapper recalled an encounter where he connected deeply with a lady without exchanging words, attributing the connection to her aura.

He narrated, “I met someone the other day, and we were at an event, and we just sat down on the table, and a lady sat with me, and she looked at me, then I looked at her. Without saying anything to each other, we had introduced ourselves. That’s the aura! If I meet someone who has that ooze, that’s enough to make a man as alive or aroused as he needs to be.”

See the full interview below:

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