PHOTOS: Netizens react as Wike rocks over ₦3.4m Versace denim coat

According to checks by Pulse on BUYMA, a Japanese luxury online store, the designer coat cost €2,125, equivalent to over ₦3.4 million according to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rate.

The luxurious attire has ignited a flurry of responses from netizens, with opinions ranging from admiration to criticism.

Images of the Minister in the high-end designer coat surfaced online on Monday, July 1.

Many social media users expressed astonishment at the cost of the coat, highlighting the stark contrast between such extravagant spending and the economic challenges many Nigerians face.

Critics quickly questioned the appropriateness of such an expensive garment for a public official.

@KingAlexFX wrote, “This outfit alone can pay about 141 people’s minimum wage in Nigeria at 30,000, but they’re telling you that 30,000 is all they can afford to pay. Meanwhile, one man is wearing 141 people’s salary worth of clothes that we’ll probably never wear again!”

@njokudanielo wrote, “This is over two persons combined business startup funds.”

@iam_samedoho wrote, “Wike is urging Nigerians to make sacrifices, but he does not seem to be making any sacrifices in terms of his dress code. He is wearing a garment that was priced at £2125 but is now discounted to £1499. Can you please convert £1499 to naira?”

Others, however, defended Wike’s choice, arguing that public officials are entitled to their personal luxuries.

@alain231 wrote, “So what you’re trying to say is that, because he’s a politician, he should wear rags.”

The debate also sparked discussions on social media about the broader issue of wealth and public service, with some calling for greater accountability and transparency in how public officials spend their money.

As the conversation continues to unfold, it remains clear that Wike’s Versace coat has made a fashion statement and ignited a dialogue on economic disparity and public perception of government officials.

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