Pheelz returns with new EP ‘Pheelz Good II’

After starting 2024 with the number one album on Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart thanks to his songwriting and production work on Usher’s ‘Coming Home’ album, Pheelz returns with a new EP titled ‘Pheelz Good II’ to wrap up his ‘Pheelz Good’ trilogy series, which began last February.

The first installmentPheelz Good IEP, has garnered over a billion streams, and ‘Pheelz Good (Triibe Tape)’ that birthed fan-favourites ‘Jelo’ and ‘Joy’, the third edition ‘Pheez Good II’ EP from Pheelz offers an intimate and unfiltered reflection of the artist’s true self.

An artist who’s constantly experimenting, Pheelz blends Afrobeats with elements of R&B, soul, and hip-hop to deliver an impressive body of work.

Each track on the EP tells a unique story, ranging from love and relationships to personal struggles and triumphs. The EP is set to dazzle listeners with the lead ‘Majo’ a neo-fuji party starter that sees Pheelz reimagine Adewale Ayuba‘s classic record ‘Ijo Fuji’.

Inspired by a desire to constantly give listeners the best version of himself, ‘Pheelz Good II’ showcases Pheelz’s genius as he embraces the influences from some of his heroes such as Fela Kuti and Kanye West.

Speaking about the inspiration behind Pheelz Good II, Pheelz says, “I want to introduce the world to a new style of Afrobeats, and also show people back home another style of interpreting the Afro spirit, as I’ve been doing for over a decade now. ‘Pheelz Good II’ is a hybrid of different other sides of Afrobeats. It’s creating a marriage between emotions and the dance floor once again, through the goddess that is Afrobeats. This project is an intimate reflection of my true self, where I’m unapologetically me, embracing my vulnerabilities and that crazy rage within. It’s about fully owning who I am and allowing my audience to connect with the raw, unfiltered version of myself”.

‘Pheelz Good II’ is out on all streaming platforms and it’s set to thrill listeners as Pheelz continues to prepare them for his debut album.

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