PDP has failed supporters in Rivers – Fubara

Fubara, elected governor under the PDP a year ago, shared his sentiments during a meeting with the Senate Committee on Privatisation, chaired by Senator Orji Kalu, at the government house in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, June 26.

Senator Abba Moro, a former Minister of Interior and prominent PDP leader was also present at the meeting.

Fubara humorously informed Moro that he would no longer follow party protocols, emphasising that the PDP had failed Rivers State.

The governor resolutely stated that he and his supporters are now focusing on defending democracy, a cause they believe in more than functioning within the party framework, as he also addressed the ongoing political crisis in the State.

Fubara’s comments followed an incident on Tuesday, June 25, in Port Harcourt, where a man attempted to detonate an explosive at the Presidential Hotel.

The police apprehended the suspect, who allegedly targeted the hotel, hosting high-profile guests, including members of the Senate committee, to advocate for a state of emergency in the State.

“The idea was that as you heard the State of emergency, it will be so that by the time they finish when you return to have your sitting tomorrow (Thursday), the debate will be from somebody from this State who called you people to tell you not to come. He will now raise the issue of a state of emergency and say, after all, distinguished colleagues saw it happen while you were in Rivers State, that you saw what happened.

“But you see, when you are with God, even your own child who is planning evil will go and tell somebody that God is with this man because he is clean; this is what my father is planning. That is what is keeping us in this State,” he said, according to Channels TV.

Fubara questioned why the law seemed inactive or silent regarding offenders, suggesting that some individuals appeared to be above the law concerning the agitation.

He noted that the issue of extending the tenure of former local government chairmen was unprecedented in the country.

Fubara emphasised that he was not targeting anyone personally but was defending the State from exploiters and protecting supporters of Rivers State’s interests from those who believed they had control over others’ lives.

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