Osimhen slams Finidi George over comments on his commitment to Nigeria

Victor Osimhen has clarified and addressed shocking comments reportedly made by Finidi George over his commitment to the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

Napoli and Super Eagles of Nigeria forward Victor Osimhen has directly addressed shocking statements made by the now resigned Finidi George about him falsifying his injury and lack of commitment to play for the Super Eagles of Nigeria in an Instagram live session.

What did Finidi George say about Victor Osimhen?

According to the Nations, Finidi George opened up about the challenges he faced in his initial weeks leading the Super Eagles of Nigeria. He mentioned a lack of support from the NFF and criticized the players’ commitment to the national team. During a meeting in Abuja with NFF officials and Sports Minister John Enoh, Finidi highlighted Nigeria’s faltering 2026 World Cup campaign, marked by a 1-1 draw with South Africa in Uyo and a 2-1 loss to Benin in Abidjan.

Using Victor Osimhen as an example, Finidi George reportedly argued that top stars aren’t fully committed, claiming that despite being sidelined with an injury, Osimhen could have played in the crucial qualifiers. Finidi suggested that Osimhen seems to choose which games to play for Nigeria and emphasized that he cannot beg players to represent their country.

What did Victor Osimhen say about Findi George?

Victor Osimhen in an Instagram live session addressed the rumoured statements made by the former head coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, Finidi George. He spoke about how he had communicated his injury complications and further added that he had volunteered to come to the Super Eagles of Nigeria camp regardless in a bid to provide moral support for the entire team a gesture which he added, Finidi George had declined.

Osimhen clarified that he is always committed to playing for both his national and club sides an action he has always displayed on the pitch and as such he finds it heartbreaking that such speculation questioning his loyalty to the squad will even be raised.

He stated, “I will post the pictures also and the screenshots I had when I spoke to Finidi George (after he was appointed) because you all believe that someone keeping quiet because he is a footballer, ogun kill anybody, any of you that believe (I didn’t want to play for Nigeria).”

“You can talk nonsense. I have lost respect I have for that man (Finidi), I have lost it all. I swear to God I have lost it now because why? I called him, told him to allow me come to the camp to be with the boys, I have all these recorded, to come talk to the boys.”

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