Nigerian singer Jibromah starts singing marathon to break 105-hour record

Jibromah is attempting to set a new record of 144 hours of singing.

Jibromah told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in an interview on Thursday in Abuja, that she would target to surpass the current record of a 105-hour singing marathon held by an Indian singer, Sunil Waghmare.

She said her aim was not only to etch her name in the annals of music history but to inspire aspiring singers and performers to dream big and push beyond their limits.

“I am thrilled to announce my desire to break the GWR for the Longest Singing Marathon (Sing-A-Thon).

“This record-breaking event promises to be a spectacular; showcasing endurance, talent and community spirit.

“I am driven not just by the challenge itself but by the potential benefits it can bring to Nigerians,” she said.

Jibromah said successfully breaking the record would inspire countless young Nigerians to pursue their dreams, no matter how ambitious they might seem.

She said the marathon scheduled for July 27 to August 2, was open to the public at 9 am daily at Unique Park Gardens, Sky Memorial, Zone 5, Abuja.

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