Nicki Minaj congratulates Davido and Chioma on their wedding

The rapper paused her performance during her GAG City tour stop in Portugal on June 27, 2024, to acknowledge Davido’s recent nuptials.

She asked, “Wait. Hold on, hold on, did Davido get married?” after which the crowd yelled “Yes.”

“Congratulations to Davido and Chioma! I guess I was ahead of my time when I wrote this verse,” after which she began to rap her verse on Davido’s song Holy Ground.

Davido and Chioma tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony on June 25, 2024, to the happiness of Nigerians at large, who celebrated their love. Social media was also abuzz with videos and pictures from their ceremony, showing the happy, intimate, and even emotional moments at the event.

An Instagram video captured the heartwarming moment in which Davido prostrated in front of his bride’s parents during the traditional wedding. The event compere then asked him to beg for their daughter’s hand in marriage, as is tradition.

She said, “Tell us how you are going to take care of her for record purposes, you know you have sung about it and talked about it.”

As the singer lay on the ground, he highlighted his intentions for Chioma as directed, saying, “I have only two words, lifetime assurance.”

The Afrobeats star also had an emotional moment where he teared up when his wife’s father prayed for them. The happy couple was also gifted a stunning white car from GAC Motors in commemoration of their union.

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