Mele Kyari gets backing to remain NNPC boss amid dismissal plot

During a press conference at the NUJ Press Center in Utako, Abuja, Forum Chairman Comrade Friday Maduka refuted the accusations against Kyari, labelling them as “laughable, comical, and extremely unfortunate.”

Maduka encouraged Nigerians to remain calm and continue supporting President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu‘s administration, lauding its efforts to reform the nation’s political landscape.

He claimed that the recent criticisms of Kyari were part of a coordinated misinformation campaign by individuals with hidden agendas.

He said, “The National Coordinating Convention (NCC) of the Forum of Civil Society Organisations of Nigeria, after thorough investigation and deliberation, has resolved to give Mele Kyari a clean bill of health.

“Our findings reveal that the allegations against him are grossly unfounded and driven by financial interests.

“Given his unequal and unprecedented achievements in compassionate, progressive governance in steering the ship of the NNPC to its manifest destiny, oblivious of the activities of the fifth column within and extraneous enemies without, Mele Kyari deserves salutation and commendation and not condemnation.

“And what about Mele Kyari? A round peg in a round hole who has since taken his well-deserved place in the leadership pantheon of the Oil industry in Nigeria, Africa, and Global greats.”

He stated that the NNPC boss is pursuing a progressive vision and consistently supports it despite the challenges posed by the Nigerian system and the bureaucratic hurdles within specific sectors of the oil industry.

He suggested that the Dangote Group’s complaints seem suspicious. Detailed observations indicate that certain parties, unwilling to face scrutiny for their improper actions and deals, are falsely raising alarms.

Akbar Abubakar, the Forum’s general secretary, supported Maduka’s views, stressing that the Forum’s investigation determined that the accusations against Kyari were a smear campaign.

The Forum encouraged Nigerians to dismiss these baseless allegations and back Kyari’s initiatives to reform the NNPC and the country’s oil sector.

They also advised Kyari to remain dedicated to his mission and continue pursuing his progressive plans for Nigeria’s oil industry.

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