Lionel Messi suffers injury against Chile

The supporters of Argentina will have a lot to think of after the team’s captain, Lionel Messi, suffered a minor injury in the second group game against Chile.

Lionel Messi was attended to by the medics during Argentina’s 1-0 triumph against Chile, which guaranteed a spot in the quarter-finals for the Albiceleeste. Lautaro Martinez scored the only goal of the game in the 88th-minute winner to seal qualification for the defending Copa America champions with one game to spare.

What did Messi say about the injury?

The forward player explained after the game that he felt a big discomfort in hid hamstring but the situation will be monitored.

“I felt some discomfort in my right hamstring at the beginning of the game. It was tight. It wasn’t as loose as it should’ve been. But I was able to finish the game. We’ll see how it goes.”

With qualification confirmed, Messi could be rested in the final group game against Peru which would be played on Sunday, June 30, 2024.

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