Jason Derulo Reveals How He Almost Lost His Life and Career in Training Accident

American musician, Jason Derulo recounted breaking his neck in the gym after falling on his head during rehearsals for his global tour in 2013. The music artist stated that he was practicing in the gym when the sad tragedy occurred, forcing him to cancel his tour. On the most recent episode of Paris Hilton’s ‘I Am Paris’ podcast, Derulo stated that he feared it was the last of him.

He revealed that his rehabilitation lasted seven months.

“I broke my neck in 2013,” he recalled. “I was getting ready for my world tour and working with this trainer. He was like, ‘Today, we’re going to work on endurance, so I need you to do these back tucks back-to-back.’ I slipped during one of the back tucks, and I landed on my head, breaking my C-2 vertebrae.”

“As soon as it happened, I heard a big crack, and I was like, ‘Holy s**t, is this it? Is this how it all ends?’”



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