I’m very disappointed – Shatta Wale reacts to his mother’s accusations of neglect

She stated that her health had deteriorated significantly, leaving her in urgent need of financial assistance, but she has no helper.

Reacting to the accusations, Shatta Wale fumed at his mother for washing their dirty linen in public. According to Shatta Wale, he’s completely disappointed in his mother for making him appear as a wicked son in the eyes of the general public.

He said, “I’m very disappointed in my mother for publicly making those accusations against me. She has tarnished my name to my uncles and other family members, and she’s bringing our issues to the public for people to criticise me. We don’t handle family issues like this.”

According to Shatta Wale, Madam Stella played a significant role in helping him care for his kids when she was alive. He also credited his late stepmother for helping him and his father mend their relationship.

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