‘I will defend him’ – De Zerbi reacts to potential Mason Greenwood transfer

Following backlash from fans of Marseille about a rumoured transfer for Mason Greenwood, head coach of the club Roberto De Zerbi has shared his thoughts on the move.

Former Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi has vowed to defend Manchester United star Mason Greenwood publicly as if he were his own child, should the forward join Marseille on a possible transfer.

The Ligue 1 club has reportedly made an offer for the 22-year-old England international, but news of the potential transfer has sparked anger among Marseille supporters.

Fans have launched a social media campaign making it clear that Greenwood is not welcome at the club.

While at Manchester United, Greenwood faced charges of attempted rape, assault, and coercive and controlling behavior. These charges were eventually dropped in February 2023.

Despite this, Manchester United loaned him to Getafe last season, fearing backlash from fans and staff if he were to rejoin Erik ten Hag’s team.

Now, it appears the Red Devils have abandoned plans for Greenwood’s return to Old Trafford, with various European teams showing interest in the forward.

However, any team attempting to sign him is likely to face significant public backlash, as Marseille and De Zerbi have already discovered.

Despite the criticism, De Zerbi remains unfazed. When asked about the prospect of Greenwood joining Marseille amid the negative response, the Italian manager told reporters: “The only thing I can say is that when a player signs for the club where I work, I consider him as my child. I protect him through thick and thin. Even if I pull his ear in private, I will defend him publicly. My players are like my sons.”

As the situation develops, it remains to be seen whether Greenwood will indeed join Marseille and how the club and its supporters will navigate the potential fallout.

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