I turned down ₦250m bribe for Obasanjo’s 3rd term bid – Ex-Senate President

In a recently released excerpt from the YouTube interview series “Untold Stories with Adesuwa,” Wabara was asked about the truthfulness of his claim.

Wabara, the former leader of the Senate, stood firm on his claims, asserting their correctness.

While he explained the political situation then, Wabara said, “When they were saying they were distributing 50 million per Senator, I didn’t believe it.”

Wabara also addressed the circumstances of his departure from office, clarifying, “First of all, I was not removed by Obasanjo, I resigned,” and refuted any suggestion that he was pressured into resigning, stating, “No, there was even no pressure.”

In highlighting the significance of rejecting the third-term agenda, Wabara said, “Without people like us, there wouldn’t be democracy now. Yes, if we had supported the third term, you know, I mean, we would have had dictatorship, tyranny, and people like Buhari wouldn’t have emerged. Even the present Tinubu would not have emerged because Obasanjo would have still been there.”

“We have not been forgiven for what we did not cause, the Biafra War. It wasn’t our fault, but the propaganda is that the Igbos cannot be trusted,” he said.

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