I got robbed in Ibiza and 70,000 Euros was stolen – BBNaija’s Kiddwaya

Taking to his Instagram account on July 2, 2024, the reality star informed his followers of what transpired at 3 am and urged caution to fellow Nigerians travelling to Europe, especially when staying in villas.

He began, “What’s up, guys? So something crazy happened last night. For the second time, I was robbed in Ibiza at the villa I was staying in. The last time this happened was in 2022, when they stole a watch and cash, but the time it happened was around 3 am. They came in and stole about 70,000 euros; they stole one of the girls’ Birkin bags; it was a lick.”

Kiddwaya went on to give safety tips to travellers who may be going to Europe, emphasising the need for security personnel and even private drivers.

He explained, “All my rich Nigerians, when you travel to these places, be careful with all these villas. What they do is a sting operation, from cleaners to taxi drivers and the police, everybody is involved.”

“Nigerians who have money and are travelling to Europe, if you’re going to a villa, be very careful. Make sure you have extra security. Make sure you have bouncers and people walking on the property day and night. Don’t get a regular taxi; always have a private driver before the local taxis are in on it. Also, be careful with your maid; she is the one who goes into the room and knows where the money is and where everything is kept. So if you’re travelling to Europe this summer, be very guided,” he concluded.

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