“I find it beautiful when men cry”

"I find it beautiful when men cry" - Simi

In a recent interview, Simi stated that she finds it beautiful when men are vulnerable. During an interview with the 90’s Baby Show, the artiste said she appreciates it when men embrace their vulnerability and show their emotions.

She stated, “I find it beautiful when men cry because I am surrounded by so many men that feel like they have to be macho all the time or they have to be strong.” Simi also added that she thinks when men suppress their emotions, it can surface in unexpected ways.

The artiste, who is set to release a new album titled “Lost and Found”, also acknowledged the misconception that men should be strong and never show emotions. However, Simi believes that men shouldn’t be ashamed of showing their emotions and that she finds it admirable when men don’t bottle up their feelings.



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