I can fall in love with 5 different women and love them all – Ruger

Speaking on the latest episode of The Morning Rush on the Beat 99.9FM, Ruger opened up about how easy it is for him to fall in love with women who do nice things for him.

He began, “I can fall in love with like five different women. Love to me is what I know it as. With me, I’m cheap so it’s very easy to fall in love.”

Bibi Raii the host, asked, “Do you think that it’s possible for a man to love 5 different women? And actually love them?” The singer responded, “Yes.”

“Recently Tems said that a lot of people confuse infatuation for love. So are you one of those people who say that they can fall in love but it’s really just infatuation,?” Bibi Raii probed.

“Me I can fall in love o… I’m very cheap, so, one dollar, you have me or even one shawarma. Buy me lunch or perfume or something, I’m materialistic, just like girls like being materialistic. If you just get me cakes or compliment me,” he replied in between laughter.

When asked about his love life, Ruger revealed that his last romantic relationship lasted all but six months.

“It ended because she was assuming that I did something and I didn’t do anything, it ended based on an assumption,” he said.

See the full interview below:

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