“I am giving Afrobeats my own touch”

"I am giving Afrobeats my own touch" - Victony

Nigerian artiste Victony stated that he is adding a new touch to Afrobeats. The singer-songwriter, who just released his debut album, “Stubborn“, revealed in an interview that he is at a phase where he is giving Afrobeats his touch. The artiste acknowledged his growth, saying, “I have grown as an artist. When you listen to the ‘Outlaw’ EP, I think the first thing you’ll get out of it is my understanding of Afrobeats. I am at a phase where I am giving Afrobeats my touch.”

Victony also highlighted that his music is now more authentic and he doesn’t care if listeners like his music or not. Victony’s disposition about his music aligns with Seun Kuti’s opinion about artists creating music without being influenced by the listener’s perspective or preference.


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