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It’s a rare occasion where you find an effortless collaboration between African giant genres, and there’s no doubt that Hitpapa is doing justice in an all-round takeover, starting with ‘Hammer’

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Hammer goes all the way in on a merciless, sure-track money trail, blockbuster of an Afrobeats and Amapiano massacre: everyone get your. Let’s just get on the dance floor right about now! 

The versus challenges set the stage for comparative understanding of the greats in the industry, but no-one has yet to challenge Afrobeats and Amapiano on any scale.

Hitpapa took the initiative to show the world-stage that combining these groundbreaking genres allows for an infinite exploration of the best versions of African collaboration.

The use of certain phrases such as “hey wena, woza la” in the lyrical content makes you understand the depth of lateral practices prevalent in the rhythm that is Africa. “Hammer” in Nigerian colloquialism is the very description of what it is to make money, success, or power!.

Let’s go Hammer on the new world order that demands this African Anthem to be the very depiction of what makes us: Let Hammer be the Music! 

Instagram: @darealhitpapa 

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