Here are 5 of Burna Boy’s most controversial moments

Whether through heated spats on social media or actual physical altercations, the Afrobeats star often finds himself in the headlines for controversial reasons.

Join us as we explore some of Burna Boy’s most unforgettable and controversial moments.

In 2017, one of the most talked-about controversies in the Nigerian entertainment space was the robbery and attack on singer 2kay by some hoodlums at the Eko Hotel. The attack came after Burna Boy threatened him for his tweet regarding him, and on Sunday, October 22, 2017, 2kay was robbed and beaten to a pulp after the “Buckwyld N Breathless” concert, which took place at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

When the police apprehended the hoodlums, they claimed to have been hired by Burna Boy and his team. Burna Boy was then invited in by the police.

In 2019, Burna Boy was scrutinised again for refunding a fan at his concert in Atlanta and asking him to leave because he wasn’t dancing. The viral video showed the moment he stopped performing, asked the fan why he was not dancing, reached into his pocket, handed the male fan money, and told him to leave.

This action was very controversial and led to some backlash for the singer online. However, reports stated that Burna Boy later apologised to the fan and invited him on stage to dance with him.

One of Burna Boy’s controversial moments was in May 2022, when he came under fire for allegedly giving his security personnel the order to fire at Cubana Nightclub, thus injuring people.

Following the testimony of multiple eyewitnesses at the club, one of the victims, Briella Neme, told her version of the events of the night. According to her, Burna Boy’s men approached her three times and asked to meet him, but she refused, and that led to a brawl with her boyfriend, her friends, and the singer’s people. She alleged that Burna Boy then gave the go-ahead to shoot, and her partner and friend were rushed to the hospital for gunshot wounds.

Burna Boy came under fire in January 2023 after arriving late to his Love Damini concert in Lagos, which was meant to start at 8 pm. When he finally arrived and heard the frustration from the crowd, he told them that he would have left the event if not for singer Seyi Vibes, adding, “If you like no love me, na God go punish you.”

His statement led to a lot of controversy online, with many calling him out for speaking to his fans in that manner, especially after arriving late.

At that same Love Damini concert in Lagos, Burna Boy was seen kicking an overzealous fan who attempted to climb the stage after he told his fans to refrain from doing so. His action led to discourse on social media, with some calling him out for treating his fan that way and others blaming the fan.

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