Harrysong’s Ex-Wife, Alexer Peres, Shares Alarming Photo of Sniper on Instagram

It seems all is not well with Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of Singer, Harrison Okiri, aka Harrysong as she posted a picture of Sniper insecticide on her Instagram story this morning, July 8. Alexer and Harrysong have been at loggerheads after they both came online in January 2024 to reveal the end of their marriage. Harrysong at first accused Alexer Peres of getting pregnant by another man when they were still together, then alleged that a year had passed with no intimacy between him and Alexer when she informed him of the pregnancy.

Alexer, however, denied her ex-husband’s allegations of infidelity and urged him to move on. She accused him of domestic violence and claimed to have endured “infections” as a result of his infidelity but forgave him repeatedly because she wanted to “build a marriage. The ex-couple got married in March 2021 and have two children together.



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