Sango – Thank You Weezy

Sango - Thank You Weezy

Shorty give me mind like she shrewd as Doogie Howser.”

Sango is frequently given a role as a fringe character inside the domain of hip-bounce, however in the soul of Weezy’s fifth Carter arousing, the maker wasn’t going to be forgotten in the harsh elements. His most recent SoundCloud offering “Thank You Weezy” is a soundboard of noteworthy Lil Wayne limericks (not very many) over hard-hitting drums, pitch-rendered vocal examples, conveyed down to a “chewable” estimate.

The redundancy of Weezy’s Doogie Howser-roused line about fellatio traverses two-to-six unmistakable instrumentals, the most forcing of which is an immaculate circle of ninth Wonder’s “Lovin’ It” made celebrated by Little Brother, and in this manner secured by Wayne on his Dedication arrangement.

The second 50% of the buffet is made out of comparably contusive breaks and producorial trap shots, sifted through a solitary vocal example, cut from Lil Wayne’s “Gun” off Dedication 2, a record some credit with taking Weezy to amazingly, one more level of Godliness. Sango acknowledges Weezy, thus should you.