G-Eazy Ft. YG – Endless Summer Freestyle

G-Eazy Ft. YG - Endless Summer Freestyle

Tune in to G-Eazy and YG’s new free-form “Endless Summer.”

In the wake of spending the previous week praising his young lady Halsey’s birthday abroad (and admitting his affection for her), G-Eazy is prepared to return to work. Following his Machine Gun Kelly diss track “Terrible Boy,” and his single “Rewind” a month ago, the Bay Area rapper chooses to come back to the scene today and offer another “Interminable Summer” free-form with YG, which he cautioned us about hours sooner.

Over a cool example from the 1956 track “Neki-Hokey”, Gerald conveys a braggadocios, 4-minute melodious exercise that discovers him displaying his easy stream and boastin’ about his rich treks, way of life and long cash all the while. “Mixin’ Prada with Balenciaga, ‘part when I didn’t have a dollar to my name/Now these young ladies are chasin’ clout, would swallow for the popularity/And now my bank balance and my supporters the equivalent, Ms,” he spits.

It’s assumed this is only free-form for the fans, yet with a title like “Perpetual Summer,” a few people trust this could be an essence of The Endless Summer 2 venture, the continuation of his unique tape that dropped in 2011, which is reputed to be headed. Anyway it could likewise simply be named after his ongoing visit that simply wrapped up also, yet whichever way we’ll certainly take it.

Accessible on iTunes, take a tune in to the new free-form and sound off in the remarks (underneath). Fire or nah?