Dream Doll – On Ya Head (Tory Lanez Diss)

Dream Doll - On Ya Head (Tory Lanez Diss)

Dream Doll claims Tory Lanez took a visit to the All-You-Can-Eat Butt-fet.

Amidst a fight with Don Q, Tory Lanez hauled Dream Doll’s name in with the general mish-mash, delineating her as a trophy of sorts. Dream did not actually warmly embrace the namedrop, and volunteered applaud back on wax with “In Ya Head.”

“That night I met Tory had him eatin’ my crate,” spits Dream Doll, over a hard-hitting instrumental. “Eating my can, he endeavored to suck my feet through my socks, never state my name on a record you attempting to get props? Cause the day I feel slighted I make you my opps.” She keeps the attack coming, guaranteeing that Tory was her solitary sweetheart to ever ask for a two-man, one-lady trio. Obviously, such cases ought to dependably be taken with a grain of salt amid rap hamburger, yet the symbolism is surely striking most definitely.

Dream Doll doesn’t stop there. She cautions him not to good-for-nothing on Drizzy’s handle any further, particularly given that the combine have a forthcoming visit together. She even hits him with the bonafide Westside Gunn off the cuff, “Blast BOOM.” Clearly, Tory’s desire for blood has discovered him squaring off a veritable armed force of adversaries, from Don Q, to Dream Doll, to Dreamville.

In any case, it’s totally conceivable that Tory is staying there, stroking his goatee, giggling derangedly. All things considered, the focal message of the diss revolves around a consensual sexual experience, paying little heed to how it’s spun; some may name that a success unto itself, paying little respect to any proclivities. In any case, Dream Doll came through with an appreciated cautioning shot, and demonstrated that she’s fit for taking care of business, should push come to push.