For now you can have Imade – Davido concedes to Sophia Momodu

The singer took to his Instagram story on July 5, 2024, and addressed the custody battle with Sophia Momodu in an emotional series of posts.

His first post read, “You are constantly bringing up the death of my child at any point u can to just remind us of this tragedy that haunts us every day of our lives… Imade will grow up to see I fought for her. As for now, u can have her. P.S. She won’t be a child forever. Enjoy, Imade Aurora Adeleke! Your father loves you!”

He clarified his stance on the custody matter, explaining that he simply wanted to share custody with his child’s mother.

“Joint custody: Both parents will have access to the child. Sole custody – Only a single parent will have access to the child. All I ask for is JOINT CUSTODY !! And nothing else! But cus it’s ‘Davido’ y’all wanna act like y’all can’t read. Smh.. I’m off this! Yall be blessed, and I pray this never happens to you,” he wrote.

Davido’s posts follow their appearance before Justice Bashua’s family court in Yaba, Lagos State, on Friday, earlier in the day.

Throughout the court proceedings, the singer stressed that, contrary to Momodu’s claims, he has been fulfilling his paternal responsibilities to Imade over the years, including paying her school fees, providing transportation, and even providing accommodation.

However, Momodu claimed that Davido had abandoned their child for the past two years and declared him unfit to cater to their child. She told the court that Davido is always unavailable and does not possess the ability to care for her.

She also listed six reasons why she deemed him unfit to care for her, ranging from his controversial lifestyle to his unavailability. In her document, she also alleged that Davido only used to see their daughter when he had PR or media stunts scheduled.

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