Food prices to crash in 180 days – Agric Minister

He has reaffirmed his commitment to the issue and assured that food prices will soon see a substantial reduction.

Kyari announced on his X account that food prices would significantly drop within the next 180 days.

“Our administration has unveiled a series of strategic measures aimed at addressing the high food prices currently affecting our nation. These measures will be implemented over the next 180 days,” he wrote.

He, however, outlined a series of measures to be rolled out during this period.

He announced that there would be a suspension of duties, tariffs, and taxes for the importation of certain food commodities through land and sea borders.

These commodities include maize, husked brown rice, wheat, and cowpeas.

“Imported food commodities will be subjected to a Recommended Retail Price (RRP). We understand concerns about the quality of these imports, especially regarding their genetic composition,” he wrote.

“The Federal Government will import 250,000 metric tons of wheat and 250,000 metric tons of maize. These semi-processed commodities will be supplied to small-scale processors and millers across the country.

“Engagement with relevant stakeholders to set a GMP and purchase surplus food commodities to restock the National Strategic Food Reserve.”

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