FFK criticises Biden’s performance in US presidential debate, praises Trump

Trump’s performance at the debate might have made him the people’s favourite in the upcoming election.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s health concerns take a toll on him again after his stuttering delivery puts him on a slippery, sloppy edge ahead of the presidential poll.

Nigeria’s former minister of aviation, Barrister Femi Fani-Kayode, who is a vocal commentator on American politics, described the scenario as a “literal murder” of President Biden at the hands of the bombastic Trump.

Reacting via his official X handle, Fani-Kayode wrote, “Donald Trump literally MURDERED Joe Biden in their 90-minute encounter last night.

“It was a horror show for the Dems and it ended in the total and complete massacare and annihilation of their feeble, ailing, mumbling, weak, disconnented, stuttering, verbally incomprehensible, mentally vacant and utterly lost presidential candidate.”

Fani-Kayode argued that Biden’s handlers did him a great disservice by allowing him to participate in the debate.

“If I didn’t despise him as much as I do, I would feel sorry for Joe,” Fani-Kayode stated, asserting that Biden has no chance of being re-elected in five months.

He described Biden as a “confused, bungling, fumbling idiot” who seemed unaware of his words and actions.

Fani-Kayode further claimed that Biden poses a significant danger to America and the world at large.

He suggested that Biden does not need another debate or even to run for president but needs prayers and medical attention. He also called for the Democratic Party to find a new candidate to replace Biden.

In contrast, Fani-Kayode expressed gratitude for Donald Trump’s return to the political arena, stating, “We missed him sorely, and we need him now more than ever.”

He predicted that Trump would be elected as America’s next President and suggested that Trump could prevent a potential World War III.

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