Femi Ogedengbe recalls how he, Prince Eke and Hanks Anuku escaped cultists

Speaking with Teju Babyface on the recent episode of his King of Talks podcast, he recalled the incident in Enugu where Prince Eke, while conversing with a lady who had a relationship with a cultist, provoked her boyfriend.

He explained, “There was serious cultism in Nollywood back then; I can’t speak for now. One time in Enugu, Prince Eke and I were shooting a movie, and Prince went to talk to a lady who liked him, and the lady was dating a cultist. The cultists then brought Prince, asked him to kneel, and embarrassed him, and Prince got angry. The people who did these things to him were not even students, but they didn’t even know that Prince himself was dangerous.”

Ogedengbe detailed the clash that followed when Prince called for reinforcements from Port Harcourt, saying that the actors got beaten that day, but he and Hanks Anuku stood their ground.

He said, “Prince called people and buses from Port Harcourt, and if you see what happened to actors that day in the hotel in Enugu, They beat us, but like I no dey fear, and Hank Anuku. They tried punching Hank here and there, but he stood his ground, and when we noticed other people like us were like, ‘Let’s die here.”

“However, Hank was the first person who defended himself, and every other actor took off, and that was the day Prince first got his recognition before he was added to movies,” the actor concluded.

See the full interview below:

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