Fashion!! It’s Boss Moves Monday And You Have To Dress For It, Ladies!

For many people, picking the right outfits to work can be daunting
sometimes. This can happen especially when it comes to matching the
right colors to produce the right effect. But we know that every Monday
is a Boss Moves Monday and we must look out best to start the work week.

Wearing bright colors to work shouldn’t be a cause for headache. If
you are in doubt, stick to only one piece of clothing in the bright
color and make the rest black. For instance, picking a pastel or neon
color top is best muted with black skirt or trousers, shoes and bag.This
will help tone down the brightness of your look/outfit.

For a popping look, always pick the right shades for your skin tone
and also ensure the colors match; you don’t want to look like a circus
freak, do ya?

Source: 9jaflaver