Ex-military chiefs face inquiry over alleged misuse of funds

However, the Red Chamber has also instructed relevant committees to assist the military in investigating claims that former service chiefs misused funds to build schools in their home villages.

According to Leadership, a motion was introduced to prevent the future misuse of security funds for non-security purposes.

However, this motion was not passed, as most senators voted against it, focusing instead on addressing bombing and insecurity issues.

During these discussions, the Senate identified three major areas in Borno State where Boko Haram remains active.

Following the arrest of a female suicide bomber who was on the verge of detonating an explosive, another soldier tragically died while trying to stop a fourth bomber from executing an attack.

They underscored the need for security agencies to utilise modern technology and identified the Lake Chad Region, Sambisa Forest, and Mandara Mountains as emerging Boko Haram hotspots.

Senators Mohammed Monguno and Senator Ahmad Lawan emphasised the necessity of advanced technology and increased security investment, particularly advocating for the military to be equipped with tools like drones to fight terrorism and secure the nation effectively.

Senator Akpabio, who led the session, attributed the recent Borno State suicide bombings to intelligence failures.

He stressed the importance of a proactive security approach and urged the government to take immediate action, highlighting the need for modern technology deployment and greater investment in the armed forces as vital steps towards enhancing national security.

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