Director leaves Chelsea after 30 years at Stamford Bridge

Official reports have now confirmed that a director has stepped down from his role at Chelsea after 30 years at the London giants.

Chelsea have announced the departure of Neil Bath, with academy expert Jim Fraser also set to exit the club.

Bath, who had served as Chelsea’s director of football development and operations for the past two years, began his tenure with the club in 1993. Rising through the ranks, he played a pivotal role in developing the club’s academy, nurturing talents such as John Terry.

A few months ago, Bath informed Chelsea that he was contemplating his future, leading to ongoing discussions since then. The club engaged in extensive talks with Bath about creating a new role for him in hopes of retaining him.

However, this week Bath made the decision to leave the club, and an official announcement has been made. Chelsea intends to give him a fitting send-off, and Bath plans to take a career break. He has agreed to assist with the transition process following his departure.

Bath in an official statement confirmed that, “After 30 years working at Chelsea, I feel it is the right time for me to have some time off and take a break from a job that I have put so much time into. I intend to rest and have some time away from the game, however I will continue working over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition for the organisation.”

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