Diddy and Kanye West Face Sexual Assault Accusations from Singer Niykee Heaton

Singer Niykee Heaton is accusing Diddy and Kanye West of attempting to sexually assault her back when she was 19. Niykee Heaton conducted an Instagram Live session that has since been circulating online where she made allegations against Kanye and Diddy. Heaton started off the video by saying that following the breakout success of her song “Bad Intentions” with Migos and OG Parker back in 2014, Ye reached out to her and invited her to a studio session to work on music.

She claims she arrived at the studio and that Diddy and Kanye were there together. The singer said they appeared “off their s**t” on alcohol and potentially drugs, and claimed they pressured her to have a drink but she didn’t take it. While nine other women were also present in the studio, they allegedly ended up leaving to go to the bathroom and Heaton didn’t see them again. Heaton then said she was alone with Ye, Puff, “an executive” who works with Ye, Ye’s engineer and Ye’s own cousin.

Ye and Puff then allegedly began pressuring Heaton to take her clothes off because of how “hot” it was in the studio.

“They were like, ‘c’mon! It’s just us, we’re all just friends let’s just see how you look,’” Heaton recalled.

“I still haven’t gotten scared yet. I’m like, this is a bad situation, I’m creeped out, but there’s no reason to panic. There are other men here.”

Heaton then says things start to escalate as they start grabbing at her shirt. She claimed she was backed up against the exit door, and that at one point she mouthed “help” to Ye’s executive while her shirt was being torn off.

“This is the part that for long as I live I’ll never f**king forget,” Heaton said.

“It isn’t actually the aspect of being sexually assaulted. That’s not what haunts me…It’s as these two grown men were pawing at me trying to take my clothes off, I look over to this man asking for help, and I literally mouth the word ‘help,’ and we lock eyes, and he looks away.”

She adds that she then looked to Ye’s engineer and cousin for assistance and that they also looked away from her. Heaton then alleged that Ye and Diddy tore her shirt off and that they were trying to rip off her pants. She claimed she lunged at them, catching them off balance, and was able to open the exit door and run and hide in a darkened studio.

“I sat there for like 20, 25 minutes just like crying like what the f**k do I do?” Heaton says.

She concluded by saying she ended up leaving along with another girl who had been allegedly drugged by Ye and Diddy. She implied that the other girl she was with may have been assaulted. Heaten concluded:

“The moral of the f**king story, stay out of the industry. If you have daughters make sure to tell them that their idols they should never meet and never go to the f**king studio with anyone even if you’re invited there as an artist, unless you have a bodyguard with you.” 


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